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There are many different types of windows that make up the construction of your home. Windows allow natural light inside while also defining the style of your home. You can customize nearly any window to suit your home needs and style. Whether you are looking for a design update or a replacement due to damage, MRN Contracting can install a wide variety of materials, sizes, colors and functions to fit all your home needs.


These windows do not open, but they can be customized in nearly any angle or shape to fit the style of your home.


This type of window has two sashes that slide vertically up and down in the frame, opening wide from either the top or the bottom, but they remain inside the frame so they don’t protrude out to the exterior or interior of the house


These hinged windows operate by a turn of a crank in an operating mechanism and can be hinged on the left or the right to open outward. Casement windows allow for optimal air flow through your home.


Hinged at the top, awning windows open outward to let in air from the left or right and the bottom. They can be installed above, below or alongside a stationary or operating window


Gliding along a track, sliding windows have at least one operating window that slides horizontally over or past the other window and offer the maximum glass area of any window, which make these quality replacement windows a stunning addition to homes.


This variety is a large, fixed stationary window that does not open. These windows maximize views of the outdoors and let in the maximum amount of light.


A narrow window that can be either operating or stationary and mounted above a door or window to let in more light. These windows can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


These are specialty-shaped feature windows that add light to a room. They are usually the focal point of and can come in many shapes and sizes to fit the style and needs of your home.